Coming up with a reward idea for your referral program

The single most important ingredient of a great referral campaign is providing the proper incentive to participate. For this reason we strongly recommend to first come up with a compelling reward idea. Once it is selected, the rest is mere technical details.

Here are some examples to get you started:

InviteBox lets you reward users in three ways:

  1. Immediately as they share your link and promo message on a social network (instant rewards).
  2. When the people they invite visit your site or complete a certain goal. For example 3 of the people they refer sign up or make a purchase on your website they'll receive a reward (goal-based rewards).
  3. Reward the most influential user which brings more people to your business than other during a predefined period (referral contest).

Check out our blog for some extended discussion on ways InviteBox can be used. If you are still having trouble coming up with an incentive, feel free to ping us using the feedback button and we might be able to suggest some options for you. 

Already have a campaign in mind? Then let's set it up, it's really easy.