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What's a referral program anyway?

It's a simple idea really. Your customers love your product or service. Right? Right!? Good. The conventional wisdom is that they will recommend you to their friends. But in reality most people are too busy to be bothered. Sure, some will spread the word, but most will just move on with their life and hardly ever remember.

Wouldn't it be nice to change their behavior so that they would remember to recommend you? It sure would. And what do we use to change people's behavior? No, not tasers. We use incentives. Offer your happy customers a reward for referring their peers to you and they'll become your most zealous promoters - in a nutshell that's what we call a referral program.

That sounds like it might work. How do I do it?

That is what we are here for! With InviteBox adding a referral program to your site is a matter of minutes. It's a platform that includes all the technology pieces you need in one package from the front-end through which customers interact with your referral program to analytics backend that helps you tune it for maximum ROI. Just set the rules of your referral program, paste InviteBox widget code into your website page(s) and our software will take care of the rest. 

So how much would you charge me?

A lot less than you would pay to get similar results through advertising, that's for sure! Moreover, before we charge you a single penny we'll let you try InviteBox for free for 2 weeks and see the effect for yourself.  

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I’m still not sure. Convince me!

OK, let us throw some random facts at you:

All right, if you are still in doubt, maybe that’s because we are not the best tellers. But why not just let the results speak for themselves? We offer a 100% commitment-free trial: no requesting credit card upfront or moneyback BS. Just create an account and see first-hand what InviteBox can do to your bottom line!

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