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Great News! New Features

Great News!  New Features

I wanted to let everyone know that we have some new features we have added on the wysiwyg editors.  Look for the small folder icon on the right top corner of the "Insert" button popup.  This icon will allow you to add pictures from the files on your computer.  You will not need a picture with a url anymore.  Also, check out the new "Font Size" and "Font Family" buttons that will allow you to change the font sizes and types easily.  Next, we have added two buttons with the letter "A" on them.  These are for changing the text ...

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Great News! New Address Book Importer

Trumpets blaring, confetti falling:) The programming Department is pleased to announce that we are going live with the new email sharing button with address book importer today! You will notice the new yellow icon on the widget and in the InviteBox Dashboard. We have done extensive testing on this, but we are human so we ask that if you experience any issues with this feature or any other, please let us know. Thanks so much and have a Great Day!

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