It's cooking time! Introducing InviteBox Recipes

It's cooking time! Introducing InviteBox Recipes

Ever since we opened the doors of Beta it is becoming increasingly harder every day to keep up with all the great suggestions we've been getting without turning what is supposed to be a simple "plug and play" widget into an ugly chimera that can do anything and yet does nothing because no one is able to figure out how to use it.

The contexts in which people use InviteBox are so diverse that finding a common denominator has become  a real challenge. Sure enough, we weren't just sitting here grieving our ability to evolve the tool the way we originally planned. We were working like crazy to build an infrastructure we could use to provide all the extra features to those who need them without trashing the core product. Today, we are ready to show you some early results: the recipes wiki.

Recipes wiki is a collection of howtos and code fragments that explain and demonstrate various custom widget usage scenarios: integration with popular publishing platforms, appearance and behavior customization, etc. It showcases various things that InviteBox already can do, but which would bloat the control panel UI if we included them there as settings. While we'll continue to maintain and extend it, it's meant to be a community resource - everyone who has an InviteBox account is welcome to rate and comment on the recipes and of course contribute their own.

Enough words already. Here's a recipe to appetize you a bit. Yes, those stylish buttons below are your old friend InviteBox, just with some fresh CSS makeup. The code is here.


Go ahead and explore the other recipes or contribute your own. Right now the collection is tiny, but already has some useful tips. We'll grow it constantly, so you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed

P.S. Recipes wiki is based on the code of kindly opensourced by the authors. Nice icons above are taken from

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