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On "select all"

We keep being asked to add a "select all" function to the contact selection step. So far I managed to get away with laughing it off, but looks like the time has come for a serious answer.

Not having "select all" was a conscious decision and it's not going to be reconsidered.

I was planning to write a long post explaining how this would be encouraging suboptimal marketing practices and what arguably unsolvable technical problems it would introduce. But then I realized there's just one issue with it that really matters and that we wouldn't be able ...

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Instant rewards - the power of simplicity

Instant rewards - the power of simplicity

Here at InviteBox the question we ask ourselves daily is not what else we can add, but what else we can throw away. And no, this is not because we are trying to follow the trend and mimic one well-known company like everyone in the web business seems to be doing recently.

We do this because the very purpose of InviteBox is to remove every little bit of effort on the user's path to recommending our client's product to their friends. So less (interactions/distractions) is literally more (leads) in our case. This is why more often than ...

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Turbocharging word of mouth

Word of mouth - the real stuff

Any marketing pro will tell you that all advertising, press coverage, SEO and the like is just a temporary aid for those who have fat budgets to burn. The real thing you should always be after, small or big, is word of mouth - happy customers spreading the word about you.

The reasons for this are pretty apparent. Are you more likely to trust a recommendation from a newspaper or someone you know personally? Which is more efficient: shooting an ad in the space hoping it will be noticed by your potential client or a ...

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