To use the InviteBox service offered by Global Internet LLC, you must accept the terms and conditions below. Applying for an account constitutes such acceptance.

Account access

To use the service you need an account, which is tied to your e-mail address. Upon creating an account we will e-mail you a confirmation. Please guard the password carefully and do not share it with others. You are responsible for all actions performed using your account – until you notify us that your account has been compromised.

Using the account you can access a control panel with which you can configure the service to your liking, within the parameters set by InviteBox.

In addition you can use the control panel to access usage statistics and related information on the campaigns you set up using InviteBox.

Widget license

As part of the service, Global Internet LLC hereby licenses you to use the InviteBox widget on one or more sites or third-party services under your control.

InviteBox offers various widgets for different services, such as Facebook, Twitter and websites in general. In all cases, the widget must be used in its original unmodified form. Modification is only permitted through the interfaces offered by InviteBox.

In addition, any HTML- or Javascript-based widgets may be modified by adjusting CSS styles to match the house style of the websites where these widgets are used. You may not obscure the name and logo of InviteBox except where otherwise permitted by Global Internet LLC.

You may not allow end users to use the service using software other than the widgets offered by InviteBox.

Reward compensation

InviteBox will track use of the widget by end users and offer detailed reporting about usage through the control panel.

You can set rewards for end users that use the widget. InviteBox will include information about any rewards due in the reporting, but you are solely responsible for actually providing the rewards to the end users.

Your legal obligations

The service and the widget may only be used for lawful purposes, in particular (but not restricted to) regarding laws concerning the sending of commercial electronic communication. Global Internet LLC may introduce technical limitations to reduce misuse and unlawful use.

You represent and warrant that your use of the widget is legal under applicable law. Should Global Internet LLC receive complaints that your use of the widget is in violation of applicable law, and a reasonable investigation reveals this is likely to be the case, then Global Internet LLC may immediately and without compensation terminate your InviteBox account.

The widget may not be used on websites that contain pornographic, racist, discriminatory, defamatory, libelous, harassing, threatening or otherwise objectionable content, violate copyright or trademarks, are set up for the distribution of chain letters, Ponzi schemes, multi-level marketing systems, that contain malicious content such as spyware or viruses or that otherwise violate U.S. or locally applicable law. In addition, the widget may not be used on websites that promote the sending of unsolicited commercial messages (‘spamming’).

In case you use the widget to distribute information to which third parties hold the copyright, you represent and warrant that you have the right to use this information. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Global Internet LLC from all third-party claims (including but not limited to government-imposed fines) that arise from your use or promotion of the service. For example, if a third-party copyright holder sues Global Internet LLC because of a picture you incorporated into the widget, or if a government agency fines Global Internet LLC for spamming because of messages sent by your users, you will compensate
Global Internet LLC for all amounts paid by Global Internet LLC.

Fees and payment

Global Internet LLC charges a fee for the service and may ask an additional fee for certain ‘premium’ parts thereof. You will be notified at least one month in advance about any fees and you can terminate at any time prior to the end of this month to avoid having to pay any fees. Actual use of the service after this period constitutes agreement with the fees.

Fees must be paid in advance. Failure to pay a fee on time will result in your account and/or your widget becoming unavailable or only providing limited functionality.

Fees are due per month and will not be refunded.

Availability of the service

Global Internet LLC will use its best efforts to keep the InviteBox service, including the website, available at all times, but we cannot guarantee a 100% availability.

In addition, where messages are sent by e-mail or third-party services (e.g. Facebook or Twitter messages) we cannot guarantee that such messages will reach the intended recipient(s).

We may adapt the service and associated hardware and software to correct errors and to improve the functionality. We may temporarily disable access to the service or parts therefor for the purposes of maintenance or upgrades. We will strive to schedule such maintenance or upgrades during times when average usage of the service is low and will announce such maintenance or upgrades in advance if possible.

Limitation of liability

Global Internet LLC is liable towards you only for direct damages arising out of its intentional misconduct towards you or materially negligent performance of any of its obligations under the agreement.

Global Internet LLC shall never be liable for any consequential, special, punitive and/or incidental damages, including loss of profits, arising out of or in connection with the agreement, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

Any liability of Global Internet LLC, for any event shall be limited to the amount actually paid by you for the InviteBox service in the three months preceding the date the event occurred.

No liability shall exist for damages that have not been reported to Global Internet LLC in writing within four weeks of their occurrence, or for damages where you failed to take appropriate measures to limit such damages.

Term and termination

This agreement is entered into upon signup and lasts until terminated by either party or as provided in this article.

You can terminate your account at any time by canceling your account through the control panel.

If you do not log in at least once every twelve months, we may disable or remove your account.

You must remove the widget(s) as soon as is practical from all places where you used it when your account is terminated (regardless of reason).

Final remarks

These terms are subject to the laws of the U.S.A.. In case of a legal dispute, the courts of Tennessee have exclusive jurisdiction.

We may change these terms as the service develops. We will announce our changes at least one months in advance and give you an opportunity to respond. We will seriously consider your feedback.

However, if we do go ahead with a change that you disagree with, you must cancel your account before the changes take effect. Use of the InviteBox service after the announcement period constitutes acceptance of the changes.