Similar to referral contests, sweepstakes are also great options for creating buzz around your online business, but they key element of a sweepstake is that the winner is chosen at random. However, a sweepstakes contestant can improve their chances by “earning” extra entries in different ways, including:

  • Getting people talking about, or sharing, the sweepstake on social media.
  • Getting other people to enter (referrals).
  • How many people they send to your website, who carry out a particular action (known as conversions).
  • Subscribing to your Facebook fan page, Twitter account or Google plus page.

Sweepstakes can also be used just to increase the loyalty of your customers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Sweepstakes

  1. Set up a sweepstake on InviteBox . Just define the rules of your sweepstake and install our widget on your website.
  2. Purchase one or more medium- or high-value prizes for your lucky winners.
  3. Our system will track all activities like social posts, subscriptions, visits or conversions and attribute them in the form of entries to your campaign participants.
  4. At the end of a specified time-frame, the most lucky and active customers are awarded prizes.

When Should I Use Referral Contests?

Instant Rewards Goal-based Rewards Referral contests Sweepstakes
Your Expenses Free to Low Low High Medium to High
Expected traffic Average Average High Medium to High
Complexity Low Medium High Low
Top Benefit Easy to start and maintain Complete control of ROI Best way to reach "superconnectors" One-time promotional tool

Getting The Most Out Of Sweepstakes

  1. Make sure that your prize is attractive for your customers. It’s not always the matter of price, it just needs to be cool.
  2. For paid membership sites or services, consider offering your winners free membership to your site.
  3. For the best results, provide a good default message and compelling pictures that your referrers can share on social media.
  4. Offer more entries for those actions that will bring you more customers (e.g. conversion or social posts).