Come up with a reward idea for your referral program

The single most important ingredient of a great referral campaign is providing the proper incentive to participate. For this reason we strongly recommend to first come up with a compelling reward idea. Once it is selected, the rest is mere technical details.

Here are some examples to get you started:

  1. E-commerce stores can offer discount coupons and small giveaways for sharing information that may attract people to the store (e.g. hot deals, special offers, unique products etc).

  2. SaaS providers can unlock advanced features or just increase usage limits for those who invite people (e.g. Dropbox achieved perfect results with its referral campaign by offering free additional storage as a reward).

  3. Perhaps you are blogger? Or maybe a musician? InviteBox will help you too. Just try to offer some hidden content as a reward, poll results or the latest music track that isn’t otherwise accessible will be fine.

InviteBox lets you reward users in the following ways: