At Global Internet, the operator of InviteBox, we have strong business ethics, and of course this includes privacy. In this privacy policy we disclose how we treat personal information (like contact details) and other privacy-sensitive data.

User profile information

During registration you are asked to provide certain personal data, such as your real name and a working e-mail address. This data will not be provided to third parties unless you have explicitly granted permission to do so, or such provision is necessary to provide services to you or is required by law.

Widget and contact information

If you use our widget as a registered user, the widget accesses your account(s) at third-party services (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) but only with your explicit and prior permission. The widget uses the information therein to post messages for others to view, but does not send individual messages to specific persons (e.g. direct messages, e-mails or private messages).

InviteBox does not use, copy or retain any contact details for specific individuals except where those details have been explicitly provided by these individuals themselves.

If you as a visitor enter your e-mail address through the widget, we will pass this on to the widget operator who can use the address for the contest(s) and program(s) promoted with the widget.

At your request we can add your e-mail address or other account to a blacklist to ensure you never receive an InviteBox message again.

General information

We record general data about visitors, among other reasons to prevent abuse of the website. This data includes the IP address of the computers that access the website, the time of such access and any data provided by a web browser.

The widget records data about its distribution and use, and transmits this to InviteBox for statistical purposes, but does not harvest personally identifiable information about users. InviteBox only receives contact details for the purpose of sending a message to selected persons, and sends only that message to those persons.

Use of cookies

We use cookies on the website and in the widget. Cookies are small text files that your browser leaves on your hard drive to recognize you as a repeat user of our website or the widget, to track your use of the service and to remember configuration options or your login details.

You can refuse to accept cookies but this may negatively affect the performance of the service for you.

Newsletters and announcements

If you are a registered user, we may send communications to the e-mail address you provided. You agree to receive announcements about us, about the service or about any new or adapted aspects thereof. For our newsletter an opt-out mechanism will be provided.

We further have the right to send communications from third parties to your e-mail address, but only in accordance with our stated policies on third-party communications as published on the website. We will provide an opt-out mechanism for these third-party communications.

Right of inspection

You have a right to inspect and correct your personal data. In most cases, you are able to do so yourself using your account page. If you are having trouble using this feature or if you need other information changed, please contact us.

For widget users we do not retain any personal data.

Updates to this privacy policy

We may change this privacy policy as the service develops. We will announce our changes at least one month in advance and give you an opportunity to respond. We will seriously consider your feedback.