Instant rewards are the easiest way to encourage social sharing among your customers. With InviteBox, you’re just ONE STEP away from offering free downloadable content, coupons, or other incentives to your customers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Instant Rewards

Set up Instant Rewards on InviteBox. Just define the rules of your rewards program and install our widget on your website. InviteBox automatically tracks social media sharing and delivers the instant reward you selected.

Instant Rewards Goal-based Rewards Referral contests Sweepstakes
Your Expenses Free to Low Low High Medium to High
Expected traffic Average Average High Medium to High
Medium to High Low Medium High Low
Top Benefit Easy to start and maintain Complete control of ROI Best way to reach "superconnectors" One-time promotional tool

Getting The Most Of Instant Rewards

It’s okay to offer free rewards. Many companies offer eBooks, whitepapers, or other free items in exchange for social sharing. This is an integral part of establishing a strong traffic funnel using a technique called inbound marketing.
Don’t discount the value of a cash or coupon reward. Brands like Newcastle Brown Ale have incentivized massive social growth with a $1 reward.
Spend some time thinking about your reward. Target it to your audience. If your product is geared towards neophytes, make your reward something that neophytes need or want, like introductory material, not something that appeals to veterans, like a technical whitepaper.
For the best results, offer promotional materials that your referrers can use, like banner ads, pre-written emails, and videos that can be shared on social media.