This integration works only for referral programs where you have an access to participants contact data. This integration allows you to pass participants emails to ActiveCampaign and keep them synchronized for further email marketing purposes.

To activate ActiveCampaign integration you need to go to the participants page of your InviteBox campaign. You could do this by clicking on the following icon:

ActiveCampaign integration 01

Then go to the bottom of this page where you find available export options and choose ActiveCampaign from the list:

ActiveCampaign integration 02

Then you will be asked to connect your InviteBox and ActiveCampaign accounts.

AWeber integration 03

For this purpose you need to enter API URL and API key of your ActiveCampaign account. You can find this info inside of your AC account by clicking on "Account > Your settings > API".

ActiveCampaign integration 04

ActiveCampaign integration 05

When accounts are connected you need to choose a list for your referral program participants.

ActiveCampaign integration 04

If you'd like to create a special list for your brand promoters you could do this in your ActiveCampaign account and then just press "refresh" button to see it. If you decide to cancel synchronization then you need to choose "Disable synchronization" option (see the picture above).