In this type of referral program you could reward your top referrers (who brings you more new customers than others) during a certain period of time. 

Let see how to setup your referral contest. 

Step 1. Choosing campaign type 

First of all you’ll need to choose instant reward campaign type from the list.

referral contest campaign type

Step 2. Campaign basic information

You’ll be asked to enter basic information about your campaign:

Campaign title is only for your reference and is not displayed to the users. Landing page URL will be automatically inserted into your promo message using [link] placeholder and then will be shortened (e.g. Don’t delete it from the message.

Step 3. Configuring rewards

At this step you need to set the rules of your referral contest and define how you are going to reward your participants. 

configuring referral contest rewards

First of all you need to select the way you want to define a referral for this campaign. It can be just a site visit or conversion. In the first case every unique visit of your site via a referral link is counted.  Conversion means that participant’s friends should not only visit your site but perform some actions there (make a purchase, sign up etc).

Then define campaign period and select the number of participants that will be rewarded at end of this period. You could also make your referral contest repeatable by checking proper check-box, for example you could reward 3 participants with the best score each month.

Once your campaign ends, we will email the winners on your behalf letting them know they are eligible for the reward. You need to specify subject and text for this email.

Goal-based reward notification

Here you can also upload XLS file with one column of coupons and insert them into the notification body using [coupon] placeholder and InviteBox will automatically distribute them.

Fill in the “Reply email” field with the email your participants could contact you if they have any questions about your campaign.

Step 4. Configuring widget appearance

configuring widget appearance

At this section you need to accomplish the following actions:

  • Edit all text captions by clicking on them. Make sure to change the defaults to reflect your campaign terms.
  • Alter the default post text. Most users don't change the post text, so make sure to provide the best default possible. A captivating post text is key to having high click trough rate and social engagement (likes, retweets, etc.)
  • Choose the social channels relevant to your audience by clicking on the icons.
  • Optionally change the widget color by clicking on the palette icon.
  • Optionally upload a thumbnail image that will be included into the users' posts.

configuring widget appearance 2

Step 5. Integrating InviteBox into your site

You are now one step away from getting your first referral! Put your referral program online by embedding InviteBox widget into a page (or pages) on your website. To do that, you need to select one of the available ways to present it and paste the code snippet below into your page source code. You could choose from the following integration options:

1) Default buttons:

default buttons

2) You could upload your own button or banner.

3) Embed widget directly into the host page (without popup window).

4) Custom integration. Select this option if you want your application to determine when to show InviteBox widget and trigger it via JavaScript API.

When integration option is chosen you just need to insert widget script into the spot where you would like it to appear.

widget script

If you chose conversion as a goal then you also need to paste the tracking script into your website. Without it InviteBox won't be able to track conversions for your campaign.

You should paste this script into the page that goes just after your conversion page, for example into a “thank you” page after confirmation of a purchase or sign up.

If we were not clear enough and you still have questions - feel free to drop us a line.