The Goal Based Rewards program from InviteBox is one of our most popular rewards programs. With Goal Based Rewards, you entice your customers with increasing value based on how many of their friends they can refer. This allows you to guarantee a positive ROI as prizes are only paid out once referral purchases have been made.

Step-By-Step Guide to Goal Based Rewards

  1. Set up Goal Based Rewards on InviteBox. Just define the rules of your rewards program and install our widget on your website.
  2. Identified tiered prizes for each level of referrals.
  3. Track visits or conversions and attribute them to your referring customer
  4. At the end of a specified timeframe, award your customers their prizes.

When Should I Use Goal Based Rewards?

Instant Rewards Goal-based Rewards Referral contests Sweepstakes
Your Expenses Free to Low Low High Medium to High
Expected traffic Average Average High Medium to High
Complexity Low Medium High Low
Top Benefit Easy to start and maintain Complete control of ROI Best way to reach "superconnectors" One-time promotional tool

Getting The Most Of Instant Rewards

  • Offer stretch goals. While most of your referrers will send one or two new customers your way, a small percentage of your customers may be able to refer 10 or 100 customers. Encourage this activity with stretch goals.
  • For the best results, offer promotional materials that your referrers can use, like banner ads, pre-written emails, and videos that can be shared on social media.