Referral Campaign for the women shop/description

InviteBox referral program for the women shop

On the web sites like the one we took for demo needs – e-commerce, especially apparel shops  – you can use almost all types of referral campaigns.
Here – in our referral campaign for the women shop, we used 2 campaigns – one on the home page and the other on the product page. All the process should take you a few minutes with our step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Choose the campaign type – you will be using. For Home page campaign we have chosen this type

Goal-based rewards referral campaign #1

Invitebox goal-based referral campaign

Step 2. Configure reward

Here we need to choose how we would like to reward the winner/participator and for what actions.


All conditions, marked in orange, are multi-choices drop-downs.

Reward Notification

After we are composing the email for the winner

You can add images, logos, links, etc.

Here is the text of our Reward notification (winner email)

Thank you so much for referring your friends to us! We would like to thank you with the 25% coupon, that can be used within next month on our site. And as your friend – is ours friend we will present him/her the coupon either!


Have a great shopping and don’t miss our next contest.

Sign in to our newsletter and keep an eye on the new arrivals and other interesting things, that happen on Glitz & Glam!

Have a good time
Glitz & Glam Team

Campaign Entry Notification

Now we should compose the so-called “Campaign entry notification” – it’s not required, but highly recommended – just from the user experience point of view – we are informing person, that he/she entered a referral campaign on the following rules and with the following reward. As always – it’s up to you to create this email or to skip this step.

InviteBox referral campaign entry notification

Here is our text for the entry notification

Hi [name],

You just one step from wining 25% discount on any of our products!

Thanks for participating in the conquest. Just share the information and win the reward!

You can track and improve your results here

Here is your personal link [personal_link]. You can use it to invite friends in any way you like.

Have a good time

And also you may choose do you want to reward the invited friend or not – in our case – of course we wanted.

reward_a_friend with the coupon

Step 3. Appearance

Widget display

Here we should choose how we would like everything to look like on our site and in shareable posts

InviteBox referral widget

As we set all this sites for demonstration purposes – here we choose “Show widget every time visitor see the page with widget” – so you can return back to the page and look once again if you want to check something, also we are using this showcases sites in our Schedule Your Personalised Demo service – that is why this option is optimal for us. But in live sites – this might be annoying to the user – so more often the second option is preferable.

Also, as you can see – there are different ways of performing your widget – choose the one that is more handy for you. We have set – pop-up.

Social Sharing Post Design

Now you need to choose the social channels you would like to be promoted on and also the way the shareable post will be shown on different SM

InviteBox sharing_referral_links_channels

InviteBox is providing a “live view” of how you post will look like in different social media. In this editor – you can choose and change images and texts. You can also do that, while the campaign is already running – if you want to test different versions – and to count the traffic dependence.

Email Sharing Design

Email Sharing Design – is what the referral participant will send to his friend. This part should contain the information about the referral program

Invitebox referral campaign email design

Here is our text for the Email Sharing Design:


Hey, your friend [name] invited you to take part in the referral campaign on Gliz & Glam site 

Now you can shop and get bonuses and rewards at the same time!


Have a good shopping!

You can also add the Default personal message – this text will be shown if the user, who is sending the email to his friend will not add any additional text from himself.

This is what we have written for this case:

Check one of my favorite on-line shops – for best offers!
Think you will find something for you here. All must-haves, recommended by Rachel Zoe! We can get a good 25% sale offer! Now you can shop and get bonuses and rewards at the same time!

Your social media accounts

The last, but not the least before you start working on your widget – is setting your social media accounts.

Invitebox social channels for the referral program

Widget appearance

And now we get to the most exiting part – constructing our widget. Everything here is fully customizable – color scheme, all texts, fonts, alignment, images, etc.

invitebox widget appearance

widget header customization

Invitebox widget title customization

widget content customization

Invitebox widget content customization

Coupons for friends

When participants’ friends click on shortened URLs from your promo messages they will see this popup window where they will be able to grab their coupon and proceed to your landing page. It is also customizable. You can absolutely fit it for your site’s design.

Our pop-up offer invites your friend to make a purchase and both of you will receive the 25% discount – that you can spend in our e-shop within next month.


Invitebox referral friends widget

Participant widget

This widget is unique for each referral campaign participant. It shows his/her results – how many shares have been already made, and depending on the rules you have set – how many is left. In our case – even one friend, that has made purchase – is enough for receiving the discount.

Invitebox referral campaign participant widget

Email referral sharing

We are also offering our users email sharing ability. They can either connect to their contacts from popular resources or just enter the email list or even one and only email manually

invitebox referral email sharing

Step 4. Integration

Here we provide you script that you should add into your conversion page at the end of the <head> section, just before the </head> tag. On the page the campaign should be held.

Invitebox referral campaign script

For the sites, that are set on WordPress – we have InviteBox plugin – that let you easily make an integration process without developers!

Instant reward referral campaign #2

For the second referral campaign for the women shop – we chose the Instant reward. We placed it on the specific product page  – you can organize campaigns like that on each and every product page or only on products, that don’t show good results with sales. Or, on those that are close to their expiration date. Anyway – the idea is to increase the product sales, without reducing the so-called “psychological product value” – cause it’s sometimes strange to see some products, that are on sale – not on seasons sale period. Customers’ studies show, that this might raise doubts about the quality of the product.

Invitebox product page referral widget

As it is recommended to keep one logic when designing several referral campaigns on one site – for the second campaign we also chose the pop-up widget. All steps here are almost the same – except the rules.

invitebox instant reward referral campaign rules

As you can see – here you also have multiply choices. We have pitched upon  multi-use coupon – that means that we give everybody that share (not only one person) coupons with one and the same rule – 10% instant discount. Share and get a discount coupon immediately for this product. Compelling opportunity!

All other steps – are the same – after you define with the reward, you need to set widget appearance, create SM post to share, choose SM channels you are interested in, compose email sharing design, and the last step – integrate your referral widget to the needed place, as specified above.

After you have set 1 or 2 campaigns all this above process will take only about 10-15 minutes of your precious time. InviteBox is highly appreciated for these qualities – fast and easy set up! No specific skills required. 

If you still have questions – our support team is ready to help you. You can schedule a personalized demo or contact our team directly for the advice or in case of any difficulties.