Top 10 Referral Campaign Incentives

Is your referral campaign dragging a bit? Looking to add energy, excitement and more participants? Below is our Top 10 Referral Campaign Incentives aimed to do just that. (From least to most expensive)

  1. Theater or Movie Theater Passes Who doesn’t like to go out and be entertained? These will be sure to make winners smile! (And give more referrals!)
  2. Gift Cards to Coffee/Yogurt/Smoothie retailers (Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Pinkberry) Many people enjoy an occasional (or more than occasional!) visit to these businesses, and are more likely to give referrals to obtain gift cards for them.
  3. Fine Dining Gift Certificates Everyone loves to eat a well made gourmet meal, and restaurant gift certificates can be a wonderful incentive.
  4. Service Gift Certificates (Spas, Salons) Giving out these is a  great motivational tool to create drive in participants to refer more and go bigger. (Especially when they know they get pampered for it!)
  5. Prepaid Visa or other Cash Cards These are a big draw for participants due to their convenience and flexibility to purchase any goods or services they choose.
  6. Luggage or Apparel These gifts are great motivators as they offer the receiver style and versatility.
  7. Sporting Goods (Golf Clubs, Ski Gear, Fishing Equipment) These are perfect gifts for the participants that enjoy outdoor activities.
  8. Watches This is an incentive that never goes out of style, and gives years of fashion and function to the winner.
  9. Electronics (cell phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, televisions, home entertainment) Giving out these rewards are always highly sought after, appreciated and enjoyed by the receiver.
  10. Destination Trips (Spa retreats, Ski Lodges, Beach resorts) These are great because everyone enjoys taking a relaxing vacation, and especially when it is a earned complementary prize. This incentive is sure to motivate all participants to get as many referrals as possible! This can be the BIG annual giveaway for the participant who does the largest number of referrals, and motivates all to go for it over the course of the year!

These giveaways are sure to energize your referral campaign, and give your referrals a BIG jump!