Should I Try Referral Marketing Campaign?


Almost every marketer has already heard about referral marketing, and it already became an essential promotion tool for great number of young fast-growing business. For many startups it was the only fast way to win a market, when big, snail-paced companies noticed their expansion – they has already grabbed a large piece of pie! Still there are teams, that for some reasons try not to include referral marketing in their promotion programs. They are still asking that question: Should I try referral marketing campaign or maybe that won’t work for me?

Lets agree that it is a newbies question. A person who has once tried a referral program – will never hang in doubts again.

So why people linger with testing referral tools?

  • most of them just yield to try something new – so-called old-school marketers –  they usually say something like: “Common why should we reinvent the wheel? Better use traditional, conservative, trustworthy marketing tools”
  • some think that referral marketing is target only on Millennials
  • account department always afraid that it would be hard to control and analyse campaign data and as a result almost impossible to count the ROI (Return of investment)
  • many people are afraid that learning could be too difficult and could take long before you see the results

So let’s throw away all the prejudice. Today we are going to show everybody how important is to understand referral marketing basics and how timely now to use it for your promotion needs.

Myth #1. Referral Marketing is new strategy with not-proved efficacy.

Lets go back to the 90’s – the golden age of MLM (Multi-level marketing) companies. Some of them has been around for over 80 years. Kirby, owned by Warren Buffett, Mary Kay – with over 3,5 million of salespeople, Gerbalife – with total assets US$ 2.57 billion and many other…
Many people still remain skeptical regarding MLM, but you can’t deny that it really works!

If you search for definition of MLM – you’ll find something like that:

Multi-level marketing (MLM), also called network marketing and referral marketing – is a marketing strategy for the sale of products by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing, where salespeople are motivated to recruit others to join the company as fellow salespeople.

And now let’s find our what referral marketing is:

Referral marketing, also called a word of mouth marketing, is the strategy of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals. This can be accomplished by encouraging and rewarding customers and participants they have referred to recommend products and services and to become a part of the promotion campaign.


Both of these types are traced back to the word of mouth marketing, perhaps the oldest and most trusted strategy ever.

Referral marketing is a new age of multi-level marketing, updated for today’s realities making maximum use of social environment capabilities.

So actually referral marketing is the blast from the past rather then a new thing.

Now what about target audience?

Myth #2. Referral Marketing is for Millennials and Generation Z!

Any of you ever think that your parents, grandparents, teachers will comment your posts on Facebook? Or even will have their own YouTube channels, devoted to fishing or cooking or whatever… When it all started everybody thought it was made only for youth! Ha! Let’s faith the truth – our parents are very good at learning new especially when it comes to the things they are really interested in. Remember how fast they learned how to send SMS on TV shows or trivia games? Now they take a step further – they scan a QR-codes, they can make online purchases using web money or PayPal, they book trips and tickets on-line, rate for their favorite restaurant on TripAdvisor and yes – they are very good at referral marketing! Besides they have a greater loyalty for the friends’ recommendations than even Millennials do.


Referral Marketing works perfect with any target audience – you just need to choose the right message and rewards.

Myth #3.  It’s hard to control ROI and track data!

Lie! All popular platforms provide you with the complete information about campaign: impressions, clicks, conversions, participants, etc. – all analytics data. Besides it’s a perfect way to gain subscribers and extend your customers emails’ addresses database.



Referral Marketing Platforms let you set the goals, track all the process and analyse ROI.

Myth #4. Referral software is too complicated. You will need programming or coding skills.

This is also not true. Basing on the information we get from our InviteBox clients – the process of learning mostly takes about an hour or less. Usually after setting your first campaign – you already know the basics and understand how it works. Besides our support team is always on hand. You can contact us and we will help you with setting up the process. We can send you step-by-step videos and instructions.


You can handle all the process by yourself – it’s easy and fun!


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