Referral Marketing for Brick and Mortar companies


As we know – referral marketing platforms are mostly used for online promotions. But it doesn’t mean they can’t be used for increasing the revenue of brick and mortar companies as well. Let’s find out how all the advantages of referral marketing can be used by offline businesses.

To be perfectly honest, you still need to have one-page site or landing page or at least on-line business card. Nowadays you hardly find a company that doesn’t have it. And it’s more about rules of decorum and business etiquette than about growing on-line presence.

There are two types of reasoning that keep business owners from going online:

  • They simply don’t need that. It’ s hard to imagine – but “yes”, there are companies that are doing well without on-line sales.
  • So-called “old guard” – managers that just can’t come to terms with cruel reality. They believe that only kids go crazy about the Internet. They don’t accept that the whole world has gone online. They somehow handle with social network accounts, but they can’t imagine how to administrate even a very simple WordPress site. They paid for the one-page site 10 years ago and since then the mere thought of changing address information on the site keeps them from moving to another place.

Referral marketing is among the most effective and fast growing branches of marketing today. When it became really trendy, we started to receive a lot of questions about how it all works, and questions came from brick and mortal companies as well. We are very glad that InviteBox can offer different solutions for different types of business. Organizing referral campaign is a bit easier if you have all the process online and you can set conversion tracking script. But there are still some great options for offline business. We decided to show how it all works for those brick-and-mortal businesses who decided to try referral marketing promotion and don’t know where to start.

How to start

In case for some reasons you don’t have the site yet – maybe it is the right time NOW! You can find different FREE site themes on the Internet. Or you can buy a good quality and easy to use WordPress template on one of the popular marketplaces by the average cost of 30$. It all will cost less than 100$, including hosting and domain for a year.

If you have a website or landing page and permission to add/edit the code – that’s all you need to make everything work. Your site administrator or maintaining team will easily help you with that and it should not take more than 20 minutes. If you have no coding skills or developer on hand, InviteBox team will gladly help you to set the platform and add the code snippet to your site.

Choosing a subscription plan

InviteBox offers 3 types of subscription plans – all of them provide the same functionality for users. The only difference is in the limitation of active referral campaign participants. This way, the client that has Start up plan has the same options as the client with Unlimited Plan. You can learn more about our subscription plans here. We also have a 14-day FREE TRIAL plan that allows you to get familiar with InviteBox dashboard, which has intuitive and user friendly design and useful tips. You can create referral campaigns and go live during this period. If you decide to go further after free trial is expired, you can just upgrade your account and go on using it. During these 2 weeks and further on our support team will assist you if needed.

Choosing a campaign type

When you sign in to InviteBox for the first time, you’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to use the platform! To start you’ll be offered to choose your first campaign type. We have 4 options:

  • Instant Rewards
  • Goal-based rewards
  • Referral contests
  • Sweepstakes and Giveaways
Instant Rewards

Reward your customers immediately as they share your link via their social channels.

InviteBox_instant_reward_campaign for Brick and Mortar


*boxes with text in orange – are changeable options

There are different reward types but for the ideal way for offline businesses would be to reward participants with unique or multi-use coupon codes. Instant reward campaign – is the perfect choice if you want to promote your social accounts! This type of campaign usually offers not high value rewards, e.g. you were going to inform people about season sale. Actually, if you are okay with the thought that you can offer 50% discount on some products, you can set 30-40% discount for all visitors of your store and provide 50% discount for those, who has spread the word and shared your information in social networks. They just need to show the coupon at your store and receive the additional discount.

Goal-based Rewards

Reward the customer for bringing in a set number of referrals.

InviteBox_instant_reward_campaign for Brick and Mortar

*boxes with text in orange – are changeable options

This screenshot shows how to turn the goal based campaign to the viral campaign. If your goal is to collect email base, to create a direct mailing list and to involve customer in long-lasting relationship – these are perfect settings for that! All you need is no reward people for inviting their friend to enter the InviteBox referral campaign. We asking for their name and email address when people register to the campaign . This information is kept in your InviteBox dashboard.

Referral contests

Reward the customer (or several customers) who brings the most referrals over a certain time period.

InviteBox_referral_contest_campaign for Brick and Mortar

contest_coupons_for_friends for Brick and Mortar

*boxes with text in orange – are changeable options

This is a perfect option for the long lasting campaign. You can reward both referrer and his friend with discount cards of different value. In this case they need to visit you store to take them, and most likely, you will not only gather email addresses and spread the word about your company, but also make people visit your place of sales.

Sweepstakes and Giveaways

Reward the customer (or customers) randomly over a certain time period. Their chances of winning are proportional to the number of entries they earn.

InviteBox_sweepstakes_campaign for Brick and Mortar

*boxes with text in orange – are changeable options

Sweepstakes and Giveaways campaign is a good way to reward your existing clients in holiday season and gain new ones thanks to great social activity you will have with this type of promotion. Moreover, this is a good campaign if your target audience is teens and students! Really! They gladly participate in such offers!

So let’s sum it up.

How can referral marketing increase the revenue of brick and mortar companies?

Using referral marketing can bring traffic to your social media pages.

Rewarding people manually will increase the attendance of your POS (point of sales).

Word of mouth marketing helps create brand awareness and loyalty.

Friend’s recommendations up to this point are the most effective and trustworthy ad source.

How can you reward the participants of referral campaign?

Depending on your business – you can reward people with discount coupons, with name cards, gift cards, different freebies, such as a “cup of coffee” for restaurants, “free drink” for bars and event organizations. You can offer them an upgrade of their current package or subscription. You can increase a free support period for your service. You can provide them with “pre-order option” – it’s grate to have the option to reserve your own personal copy before its release!