Referral Campaigns for the Event Landing page/description

event referral campaign

Most of the Events web sites – either one page sites, or simple landing pages. Even if the events are repetitive – yearly, seasonal, etc. most likely – these pages would not receive traffic after the event is over – till the next time. Visitors loose interest to the information, they don’t need anymore. So, the lifetime of the event resource – is about month before the beginning of the event, unless sponsors and organizers spend tons of money on pre-start promotion, and a few days after it ends. Sometimes theses date boundaries could be extended by involving users to participate in different kinds of conquests and promotions. Multiply researches shows the high level of ROI score from using the “warm – up” actions! This is why the – referral campaigns for events became an ideal choice! InviteBox offers the wide range of referral options for customizing and combining on the Event page.

A few ideas, some of the are represented on our showcases demo sites.

Instant reward referral campaign

As it comes from the title – the campaign participant receives his reward immediately after completing the goal. We ask people to share information, that we set beforehand in admin panel, about our event in social networks and via WhatsApp messenger – right after they share it we provide them a link to download a file with promo code.


When they come to the party and show this code to bartender – they will get a free drink! Voila!

Goal-based referral campaign

A good idea to held goal-based referral campaigns for events! In our demo – we are inviting people to take part in a cool party! We set – registration on the event – as a goal (conversion).

referral campaigns for the events_widget_styled

User visits the site and has to register on event, after that we offer him to refer a friend to register on this event (you can set any goal you want, any amount of friends required) to receive Free Bar Bracelet. There are different ways of inviting friends – you can set all popular social networks or just a few of them, you can use mail agents, messengers, etc. Also there are few options to choose the appearance of your campaign widget. It could be embedded and be a part of the page, could be displayed in pop-up, could be a badge, etc.


MailChimp Integrated Goal-Based Referral Campaign

Great results could be achieved by using integration between InviteBox and MailChimp. You can create MaiChimp campaign using all Invitebox features right in the email template body. That means that your recipients will get an email that has all social sharing abilities embed. Also it includes the unique link, to check your results for Goal-Based Referral Campaigns needs.

You can use one of the MailChimp Lists, that you already have, or create a new one. I.e. we had integrated a standard MailChimp form on one of our pages, and created an automated email. After the user submits a form he immediately receives an email with all sharing options.