On “select all”

We keep being asked to add a “select all” function to the contact selection step. So far I managed to get away with laughing it off, but looks like the time has come for a serious answer.

Not having “select all” was a conscious decision and it’s not going to be reconsidered.

I was planning to write a long post explaining how this would be encouraging suboptimal marketing practices and what arguably unsolvable technical problems it would introduce. But then I realized there’s just one issue with it that really matters and that we wouldn’t be able to overcome: “select all” goes against our business ethics.

It’s entirely obvious that this function would result in many people getting undesired messages. And we strongly feel that we don’t want any part in that. Furthermore, we are planning to introduce an upper per-user limit on the number of invitations to prevent manually selecting everyone in the list.

We sincerely hope for your understanding as we believe this decision will have a long-term positive effect for all of our clients as it helps to maintain high message deliverability and end users’ trust.