InviteBox integration with MailChimp

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InviteBox and MailChimp

InviteBox integration with MailChimp – most popular marketing automation platform is very simple and easy to use  – you can create an email focused referral campaign in minutes and attach it to any of existing lists or create new, specially for the campaign.

This post will show how you can set it all in minutes

  • Login to your MailChimp account.
  • Create a new list (you can add the subscribers later – by exporting or uploading manually or any other way you want). You can of cause use one of the existing lists, but we would recommend to create a new one for the first time. Anyway you can change your attached list later in InviteBox dashboard.


InviteBox Mailchimp integration creating new list


  • When creating the new list and adding an email, that users can reply – you might like to use emails, associated with your domain name – like, or or something like that –and   Mailchimp asks to verify it. Actually, all you need to do is to click on verification link here


Invitebox integration with MailChimp domain verification


  • Login to your InviteBox account.
  • Click create new campaign. Please note, that following the logic – MailChimp integration is not available for “Instant Rewards” campaigns. All other campaign types could be integrated.
  • Choose the campaign type you want to use. In our example – we will use “Goal-Based Rewards”


InviteBox referral campaign goal-based-rewards


  • We will be promoting an event landing page. So, on this step – we need to define your campaign rules. We want to reward participants – if 10 of their friends will register on our event (“convert on” – in our case = registration). We will present them the Free Bar Bracelet.


InviteBox define referral campaign rules


  • After that you are editing all the sections as usual – Reward notification. For that we have chosen the following text:

It’s great, that you desided to party all together with your friends! 

You are the lucky winner of our FREE BAR BRACELET. 

Please contact us – and we will provide you with uniqe code – you will need to show to the barman and he wil present you with the bracelet. Please keep it on till the end of the party.

Enjoy your time on St. Paddys Day!


  • Campaign entry notification – It’s always up to you – send these two notifications to the user or not. As always – our recommendations – is to send by all means – just to keep good manners and to guide your participants. If you have no time for that – you just can leave predefine text there.

As we would like to motivate the participants’ friends also – to make them register – we decided to offer a FREE DRINK. If you don’t want to reward participants’ friends – you may just change it here


InviteBox friends reward


  • As you can see – everything we did on previous steps – was like standard campaign creating. Now, when you save your changes on this step – we are going to set the “Appearance” – and here is where the InviteBox ingrates with MailChimp


InviteBox open MailChimp option


Here you can unlock some hidden by default options and you will find there MailChimp integration


InviteBox choose MailChimp integration


  • Now you need to fill in all standard sections – choose the social channels – you want to be promoted in
  • Don’t forget to about “Social Sharing Post Design” section – you will not be able to go to the next step without that. Everything else, as always up to you.


InviteBox social shares section


  • Scroll down – you will find the “Integrate with MailChimp” section. Fill in all the fields carefully – because it’s how the user will see this email on his mailbox.


Invitebox MailChimp fields


  • Now the most interesting – composing the email. You can use almost unlimited range of options, using either window tools or you can do everything via code – or combining both this options! You can add images, videos, style your content the way it will fit your site design. Use custom created sharing buttons, etc.


InviteBox mailchimp email config


  • The next thing we need to do – is to chooses the list, that we created in MailChimp (or any of those, that you already had). InviteBox shows you all lists, in attached account


InviteBox choosing the MailChimp list


You can test your created email or send it right away to the users in attached list. But don’t forget to set widgets below, because if the user decides to participate right away – as soon as he/she gets the email – they will see the default InviteBox widget design.

  • Now you need to edit widgets – add colors and texts you want. Every participant has it’s own unique link – that could be shown on your site, or on our InviteBox independent page – in case your site has login functionality, or under maintenance at this period, etc. The participant will always has access to his share and statistic widget.
  • The last step – Integration. As always you have few choices:

Insert this script into your conversion page at the end of the <head> section, just before the </head> tag.

For this option – you need to scroll down on the “Appearance” tab and right above the Save button – there will be a note SHOW API SETTINGS – click on it.


InviteBox secret key for wp plugin


You should copy this Secret Key and just past it into the field in your WP admin InviteBox window


wp admin InviteBox secret key


You Campaign name will be detected automatically.

That is it! Enjoy sending you referral emails via MailChimp! Some site owners or administrator did a great job, collected huge base of emails, using many tips, or maybe even paid tools. InviteBox takes care about that – and provides you a real comfortable and easy way to use both these platforms together.

If you still have questions – you can contact our support via our float help button on our site  or you can schedule Free Personalized Demo – and we will gladly help you to set everything.