How to get 30k referrals in less than two weeks. Lessons from IndiaPlaza

At last we have found time to show you some great examples of referral contests that were powered by InviteBox. The hero of the hour is Indiaplaza – India’s leading shopping site. They have already carried out two contests and now we are able to share their experience with you.

The first contest offered three hottest iPads of the 3rd generation as giveaways. The rules were simple – you just needed to share the contest with your friends and to bring at least 3 of them to register to that promotion.

Indiaplaza team designed a nice looking page for the contest and equipped their users with a handy tool for achieving their goals by pasting two simple InviteBox scripts.

Now users could easily spread the word about the promotion and come closer to winning one of the latest Apple gadgets. From the other side InviteBox helped Indiaplaza to remove the main pain of every referral contest – tracking results and calculating the winners .

IPads were waiting for their owners less than two weeks but made almost 7 thousand people to come. More of it that game had no losers and every participant got an assured RS. 1000 off on iPads.

The second referral contest was even more successful for the store even though it had a bit more complex rules and set more ambitious goals for users. The role of a carrot in this case was perfectly played by Samsung Galaxy Note.

To stand a chance to win it users needed to bring at least 5 of their peers to the promotion and secure themselves with one of the gift vouchers by that. For 5 invited friends participants were getting RS1500 to buy Galaxy Note, for 10 – RS2500 and for 20 – RS5000.

As a result this refer-a-friend campaign became truly viral from the start and attracted more than 23 000 people in less than 2 weeks.

Now let’s see what lessons we can learn from it:

1. Referral promotion is not about placing a magic tell-a-friend button on the backyard of your website. It’s about offering some value for your users in exchange of their tweets, posts etc. And you should let them know about this value before you expect them to click.

2. Rules of your referral campaign must be clear from the start.

3. If you are able to offer a valuable reward you can set more ambitious goals for users.

4. Small additional guaranteed rewards in referral contest could significantly increase user engagement. And you’ll win one more time if you offer something that lead to further interaction with your brand (e.g. coupons for future purchases).

Inspired and ready to try the power of referral programs yourself? Check out what InviteBox can do for you.