How to create Email referral campaign that works

How to create an email referral campaign?

Is it possible to bring my subscribers from my existing list to take part in the referral program?

The answer – is YES! And in this post we will show you how it works.

Email referral campaign – it’s the most right way to grow your lead list with friendly customers. And it’s also a good and easy way to remind your subscribers about yourselves and maybe suggest something that they might value. The thing you should always remember – not to be too intrusive.

There are some basic things you need to know to start your email referral campaign. Off cause there would be some differences – depending on the platform your site is built on or the email marketing service you use, but basic things – are always the same. Let’s see how we can do that.

Each of us are receiving dozens of emails daily – how could you create the one that will be read? You need to have a really great offer and perfect custom-made content! Here is the creative part of preparing a perfect email is harder than the tactical part of integration.

What your referral email should look like?

1. First of all you should think about the extraordinary, impressive subject line. It should not be too long. According to data from Return Path, 65 characters seems to be a sweet spot for email subject lines, however, most email subject lines are between 41 and 50 characters.

2. You should choose the catching header image.

3. You should offer some value to the reader. This might be any freebies or anything you think will attract their attention and will stimulate them to make a share.

4. You language should not be very official, try to be “closer” to your subscribers, but avoid too long sentences and tautology.

5. Provide clear sharing instructions

6. unique link for referrers to share

7. A hyperlink to a landing page or individual customer profile

InviteBox has a great function that makes the process fast and easy for subscribers – they don’t need to login or fill in any forms to arrive on their personal widget page – they just need to follow the unique link and InviteBox will automatically detect the user by the email address and send him to his private widget.

How we did that with InviteBox

Our email example


  1. We took our subscribers list from the MailChimp and tried to create personal approach – we divided them on two groups: most active users, that are creating many campaigns and promote them via socials, that has reached a good results with our tool and compose special emails for them. Later we also took other part of our customers, that oppositely has been subscribed for quite a long time – but didn’t show much activity and created another campaign for them.
  2. For the first group we have created an email, that stresses their great progress and we kindly ask – could they share their success with someone from their friends, who might be interested in services, that we are providing. In turn – we are rewarding them with 3 months of FREE usage of Invitebox.
  3. For the second group the email was different – we let them know, that we are concerned about the fact, that they are not using our platform for all it’s worth. As their success – is our success! We were suggesting them full support (both content and technical) as a reword for sharing information about our company with their friends with at least one conversion – subscription from their referral link. Of course we have thanked everybody for staying with us.
  4. As we included our reward types in the subject line of the email – most of them were noticed and read.
  5. When the customer finally clicked our magic orange button “Invite A Friend” – they just found themselves on the page with their personal embed referral widget.


The client can share the information you need right away

InviteBox embed referral widget

Embed widget with different sharing options


The results have surpassed all expectations! We have perfect ROI results. And we will run it over again in some time – without any doubts.

If you still have any questions, or you want our team to instruct you wow to set up the email referral campaigns on your site, according your needs – you can contact our support via our site chat, or schedule a personal demo