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InviteBox integration with MailChimp

InviteBox and MailChimp InviteBox integration with MailChimp – most popular marketing automation platform is very simple and easy to use  – you can create an email focused referral campaign in minutes and attach it to any of existing lists or create new, specially for the campaign. This post will show how you can set it […]

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5 Biggest Referral Marketing Mistakes

You know what you should do to run a successful referral marketing campaign. But what shouldn’t you do? Here are five of the biggest mistakes of referral marketing and tips for avoiding them. Failure to Plan. Just as with any other aspect of your business, your referral marketing won’t get the best results unless you strategize before leaping in. Consider […]

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What Exactly is an Online Referral Program? Defining the Concept to Ensure Success

If you’re thinking about setting up an online referral program, the first critical step in ensuring your success is defining exactly what an online referral program is. Understanding the ins and outs of the concept will help you create a referral program that will work perfectly for your business. If you’re ready to dive into referral marketing, this […]

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