InviteBox referral program for the women shop

Referral Campaign for the women shop/description

On the web sites like the one we took for demo needs – e-commerce, especially apparel shops  – you can use almost all types of referral campaigns. Here – in our referral campaign for the women shop, we used 2 campaigns – one on the home page and the other on the product page. All […]

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2018 – The Year of “Word of Mouth”

As more and more people begin to value word of mouth promotion over flashy, costly advertising, referral marketing has recently made a huge digital comeback. In our day and age of mass social media usage, referrals become even easier to achieve via special programs such as InviteBox. Not only is it easier and faster to […]

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The Power of Instant Rewards

The Power of Instant Rewards Let’s do a little experiment. Imagine you are given the opportunity to recommend a favorite product/service to a friend and be rewarded for this recommendation. You are even more likely to make that recommendation if you are given the opportunity to gain something from it, right? Now imagine that the […]

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Great News! New Features

I wanted to let everyone know that we have some new features we have added on the wysiwyg editors.  Look for the small folder icon on the right top corner of the “Insert” button popup.  This icon will allow you to add pictures from the files on your computer.  You will not need a picture […]

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Great News! New Address Book Importer

Trumpets blaring, confetti falling:) The programming Department is pleased to announce that we are going live with the new email sharing button with address book importer today! You will notice the new yellow icon on the widget and in the InviteBox Dashboard. We have done extensive testing on this, but we are human so we […]

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InviteBox Summer Overhaul

We wanted to give you a quick rundown on the latest developments with InviteBox. Hope you don’t mind! Instead of using the summertime to have some rest like most normal people do, we made a grand push to improve InviteBox both for you and, more importantly, for your customers. Here are the updates we have […]

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On “select all”

We keep being asked to add a “select all” function to the contact selection step. So far I managed to get away with laughing it off, but looks like the time has come for a serious answer. Not having “select all” was a conscious decision and it’s not going to be reconsidered. I was planning […]

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