Case Study: Mydrugs

mydrugs_invitebox case study

InviteBox case study: medical website referral program

My Drugs is a medical informational website that allows individuals to look up the name of any drug, and check whether purchase requires a prescription or not. It was built on several Armenian drug databases, and made checking this information much more simple by combining all of the information into one website. With, simply enter the name of the drug and you will be provided with prescription information concerning the drug (i.e. whether you can purchase it without a prescription or not).

 What inspired the initial business idea?

My Drugs was created after the owners realized that checking for prescription information was very challenging. It required extensive googling, followed by opening different excel files and finally finding the correct information. Likewise, calling pharmacies was also not the best option since the customer may be put on hold for some time, or simply provided with outdated information. The website is a recent project, and was published this year on March 1st.

 What is the main customer base/target market?

My Drugs targets the general population – i.e. most people who have access to the internet and purchase drugs from pharmacies at least occasionally. The website is easy to use, meaning that it isn’t limited to only tech-savvy individuals; the simple design allows drug prescription information to be obtained within a couple of clicks. However, in order to build a user base in the first place, My Drugs decided to start medical website referral program with InviteBox for assistance.

 Why InviteBox?

Since the first day of establishment, the creators began to share the website via social media – particularly Facebook. However, it soon became clear that traffic needed to be boosted in order to make the website more known. Then they turned to news websites and the radio; with one off promotions and shout-outs, more visitors started coming in. However, as the initial hype began to die down within a couple of days, so did the number of visitors. This is where My Drugs turned to InviteBox; a referral program was set up so that a link to share would pop up 60 seconds after the visitor entered the website. The link encouraged the visitor to share the website via Facebook, and received a heartwarming message wishing them health after they did so. During the next couple of days, there were a total of 140 shares, allowing the visits to shoot up to 2500 after the initial hype died down.

Due to the initial success, My Drugs continued to work with InviteBox and decided to keep the pop-up window on their website since they saw it was bringing in the most visitors. There are future plans to set up the instant reward system, and offer discount coupons for pharmacies instead of just a message.

What is the level of satisfaction with the referral program?

So far, the level of satisfaction is considerably high. Not only did the program bring in more visitors, but it also helped the website to gain more exposure and raise awareness. Likewise, it was a struggle to manually market the website by consistently posting on social media, but now InviteBox takes care of this. A successful marketing program throws the new idea into the center of attention, which is more challenging to achieve manually. Thanks to InviteBox, the link was shared around much more and the website continues to attract visitors nearly three weeks later.

 What are some plans for the future?

In the future, My Drugs aims to raise awareness and build a large user base. Likewise, it aims to gain profit via advertisements, which will operate more effectively after the first objective; the more users and visitors there are, the more clicks are likely to be achieved on ads. As mentioned above, My Drugs also plans to work with InviteBox to design an instant-reward program. The reward is currently being considered as either a discount coupon for pharmacies or some sort of freebie. Overall, future plans are looking up after setting up a referral program, since all of this can only be achieved if the website continues to draw in visitors (which is something that is being successfully done to date).