5 Tips for a Successful Customer Referral Program

After a two year silence, we are finally ready to bring our blog back to life! We were away for so long, that you might think that we were out of business, but it’s not true – we are still alive and kicking. To make up for all that lost time, we would like to present you with 5 useful tips to make your customer referral program successful.

It’s all about Timing

Timing is everything. If your asking for a referral, you’re asking for sale. Wait until you have developed a relationship with your costumer. Then ask your costumer for a referral. After a couple months or a year, you can ask your customer again. This will prevent your customer to go to the competitor.

Everybody wins

Most customer referral programs only reward the referrer and often forget about the referral. The best customer referral programs, however, are those that benefit both the referrer and the referral. These are also the types of programs that a referrer is more likely to share with their friends.

You also shouldn’t worry about giving away too much. Because creating a culture of referrals will transform your customers into enthusiastic advocates for your brand. The more they refer, the better visibility you’ll receive and the more sales you’ll attract.

Treasures with serious value

Customers like to have a valuable gift such as a discount on products or services. But also a gift card to a shopping spot or cash. Which one will you give away in your referral program? You can start with all three of them, to see which one generates the most.


Once customers successfully referred you to their friends, they are going to want to have their reward. And you will have to deliver it to them. This process can take up quite some time. It can take weeks, months or years for a client to come through. It would be better to ask each new client how he or she learned about your company and then follow-up with the referrer (but also your new client) to administer your referral gift in a timely manner.

A special “Thanks”

Be thankful for each time a referral is successfully competed. Provide for a good relationship with the referrer and referral. It might be that they will refer again.