5 Biggest Referral Marketing Mistakes

You know what you should do to run a successful referral marketing campaign. But what shouldn’t you do? Here are five of the biggest mistakes of referral marketing and tips for avoiding them.

  1. Failure to Plan. Just as with any other aspect of your business, your referral marketing won’t get the best results unless you strategize before leaping in. Consider who you’re targeting, how to best reach these customers, and how your referral marketing strategy supports your overall business goals.
  2. Weak Incentives. A cheesy, insulting offer may irritate people rather than motivating them. Giveaways, offers, and other incentives are a key part of most campaigns. Make sure you’re giving something your customers value.
  3. Inconsistency. It’s okay to mix things up now and then. But too much unsteadiness leads to confused, unmotivated customers. Keep your referral marketing efforts strong and consistent over time. Remember it may take several invitations before a customer makes a referral.
  4. Invisible Campaigns. Is your referral button buried in a corner of your website, where most visitors miss it? A quick design fix can do wonders for your response rates. Beyond the website button, give customers other opportunities to engage, such as referral links in e-mails and newsletters. You don’t need to shout, but do make sure your referral tools are easy for anyone to find and use.
  5. Stagnation. The digital landscape is constantly changing. Your referral marketing strategy needs to change with it. Review your analytics often. If you’re not getting the results you want, try a new plan.

We’d love to hear about your own marketing mistakes and no nos, and how you fixed them. Let us know about your successes, too!