5 B2B Customer Referral Program Dos And Don’ts

In our previous blog post we gave you 5 tips that you can use to make your customer referral program more successful. Today we would like to present you with 5 customer referral programs  do’s and dont’s.

Don’t ask your customers for a referral

Start small, with simple questions. Ask them to read and comment on a recent blog post or to rate your product on the website. When they are ready, present your customers with the option to provide a referral. Your customers won’t be scared off by premature referral requests, and you won’t become desperate and needy.

Do be transparent about your referral process

Most people refuse to submit their contacts’s names and email addresses, because they have no idea what you will do with the information. Take away their uncertainty, by telling them exactly what’s going to happen with the information.

For example:

  • Who will receive the referral?
  • How will you contact the person they’ve referred?
  • How will they know how the lead is progressing?
  • What will they receive in exchange for providing the referral?

Provide as much information.

Do share feedback

Tell your customers what will happen, give them status updates about what is happing now. Do not let the respond take weeks or months. If that happens they will loose their confidence in you.

Updates like:

  • Your sales rep emailed them
  • The lead expressed interest
  • Their lead becomes your customer

Your customers will appreciate the feedback. They might find the whole process exciting. This feedback will help them better understand who might be a better prospect for you in the future.

Don’t overexpose referred leads with your sales pitch

A referral lead is not a complete stranger to your services. Their connection with your customer provides them with some information about your company or product. But it is quite possible that they have never heard of your company of product before.

In that case you should start by introducing yourself first. You can do that by providing them with some educational or entertaining content. After both parties are acquainted, you can start making your sales pitches.

Do give recognition as well as rewards

Rewards such as gift cards and electronics are examples of monetary recognition. And though this type of recognition generates a flood of fast referrals, it is non-monetary recognition that helps you strengthen relationships with your customers.

It is important to switch things up every once in a while by rewarding your advocates in many different ways. You could reward them by sending a personal  invitation from your CEO or by featuring them in your blog.