Referral contests

Referral contests are our most exciting option for creating buzz around your promotion. Intended for high-value promotions, like hot new devices or gift cards, referral contests are widely regarded by referral marketing experts as the most effective way to reach "superconnectors", or influencers who are able to refer hundreds or thousands of their friends and contacts. By increasing the value of your prize, you’ll make it more irresistible and drive even more traffic to your website.

Step-By-Step Guide to Referral Contests

  1. Set up a Referral Contest on InviteBox. Just define the rules of your contest and install our widget on your website.
  2. Purchase one or more high-value prizes for top referrers.
  3. Track visits or conversions and attribute them to your referring customer.
  4. Link to your top referrers leaderboard on your social channels to encourage competition.
  5. At the end of a specified timeframe, the customers with the most referrals are ranked and awarded prizes.

When Should I Use Referral Contests?

Instant Rewards Goal-based Rewards Referral contests Sweepstakes
Your Expenses Free to Low Low High Medium to High
Expected traffic Average Average High Medium to High
Complexity Low Medium High Low
Top Benefit Easy to start and maintain Complete control of ROI Best way to reach "superconnectors" One-time promotional tool

Getting The Most Out Of Referral Contests

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